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Spain beat France 2-1 to reach Final Euro 2024

The triumph of the Spanish team certainly achieved justice by sending the undeniably best team of the semi final Euro 2024, to the final. Regardless of the outcome of today’s semifinal, it’s clear that Spain is the team that deserves to win this year’s EURO. We’ve witnessed the finest football from the Spanish side and have plenty of football-related topics to discuss.

Vindication for De La Fuente

De La Fuente didn’t hesitate to include a talented but 16-year-old player in Spain’s starting eleven. It’s not a straightforward decision to start a 16-year-old in the Spanish national team. Ordinarily, the attacking trio could have included players like Olmo, Ferran Torres, or even Pedri playing high up, while Yamal could have come off the bench for a few minutes. That’s what most coaches would likely have done. However, De La Fuente chose talent over age and was proven right.

Yamal’s performance on the field led his coach and teammates to trust him with more and more space. It is undeniable that Yamal’s stunning goal at the 21st minute significantly influenced the match. A strike of immense individual brilliance, one that left the opponent helpless. It came at a moment when the game appeared to be going precisely the way that played into France’s strengths.

Deschamps Faced Challenges with Key Players Out of Form

Deschamps had numerous issues to navigate during the tournament. Many of his key players were not in optimal condition. Clearly, the broken nose suffered by Mbappé in the opener affected his performance, and Griezmann, an essential player for the French national team, also struggled with his form. This impacted the overall functioning of the team. The French strategy relies heavily on the athleticism of their central midfielders and the movement of their attacking midfielders.

However, they lack central midfielders capable of playing in tight spaces and employing a control-based style of football. Griezmann’s role is pivotal; he needs to position himself between the central and attacking midfielders to create fluid and effective play. Unfortunately, he couldn’t fulfill this role effectively. Additionally, Giroud, who had provided a significant goal threat in previous tournaments, was aging and the team lacked an easy goal throughout the tournament.

The Gift the French Failed to Utilize

In the game against the Spanish National Team , the French were presented with an unexpected advantage. The absences of Le Normand and Carvajal forced Navas to play on the right. Before Yamal worked his magic, the French had secured a considerable advantage. They had the upper hand, and Navas was already booked.

This scenario was ideal for a team that excels in space-oriented football, having the lead and a 39-year-old Navas, who had already received a yellow card, positioned in Mbappé’s path. But within just four minutes, this advantage evaporated with two superb goals from Yamal and Olmo.

A Moment to be Remembered Forever

Yamal finally had his breakthrough moment. EURO 2024 was already set to be a historic tournament as the stage for the emergence of a new global football star, but this spectacular goal brought the necessary brilliance. It became a reference point, an everlasting moment.

The football gods have a knack for making the most of their legends, and at the perfect moment, they orchestrated a remarkable and historic goal of rare beauty and significance. Just four minutes later, the impressive Dani Olmo executed an extraordinary dribble, giving the Spaniards the lead.

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