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BC.GAME Payment Methods September 2024

One of the starting points when joining a new brand or an online casino is learning about all the BC.GAME payment methods. With these in mind, you will know exactly how to add funds to your account and also move some potential winnings as fast as possible.

Deposits may also trigger a deposit bonus, and in this case, new players sign up and get rewards up to ₱ 1,100,000.* There is a lot more that you need to learn about the site, the bonus deposit, the BC.GAME bonus codes and a bunch of new details that are necessary. So it is best to go through everything together.

Step by Step Guide: How to Deposit & Withdraw Money at BC.GAME

Once your new account BC.GAME is ready, you will be able to place your first deposit. If not, you will need to go through the registration BC.GAME process. You will then be able to add be able to pick one of the many BC.GAME payment methods and follow a set of moves that will get you there. The more gambling sites payment methods a brand has, the more reliable for usage it is.

However, in this case, the operator only allows transactions to be made via cryptocurrencies. Luckily, they support quite a few of them, from some very popular ones to some lesser-known cryptos. Once you add funds, you will be able to gain access to a variety of casino games on the site.

BC.GAME How to Deposit


To get you properly started and allow you to place bets, you have to make your first deposit. You can do so from an existing or a new account BC.Game.  Here is how you are going to do it.

  1. Open the main page of the BC.Game casino and log in to your account.
  2. Find and open your crypto wallet.
  3. Click on the “deposit” option.
  4. Use the “buy crypto” function to deposit one of the supported currencies offered through MoonPay and Banxa.
  5. Follow the steps and confirm the transaction.

Being that the value of each cryptocurrency differs, the minimum deposit amount varies depending on the one you are using. This may or may not apply to the amount for a deposit bonus. The transaction time will also differ based on the chosen crypto.


After betting for a while or playing some casino games, you may be able to acquire enough funds which you are going to want to withdraw. The process of acquiring those winnings is similar to the deposit process, as similar cryptocurrencies can be used as BC.GAME payment methods.

Here are the steps that you need to take to withdraw funds.

  1. Log in to your player’s account on the BC.Game casino.
  2. Go to your crypto wallet.
  3. Pick the “withdraw” function.
  4. Use one of the offered cryptocurrencies available.
  5. Follow the instructions to move funds.

The same as with deposits, the time needed to process the transaction may differ. Each one of the BC.GAME payment methods differ in terms of processing.

Overview of Payment Methods

BC.GAME is unique as it allows users to use cryptocurrencies as a payment option. As such, they offer a variety of BC.GAME payment methods and coin options. All of these can be used through the available mobile apps BC.GAME, making it more convenient for users.

BC.GAME Cryptocurrencies Payment Option

However, since there are many cryptos available both for betting and online casino, we will mention only the most popular ones, starting with the ones with which you can make your first deposit.

Deposit methodMin./max. depositFeeDuration
BTCNo min/max depositNo fee1-3 minutes
SATSNo min/max depositNo fee1 second
ETHNo min/max depositNo fee6 minutes
XRPNo min/max depositNo fee6-12 minutes

And now for a few withdrawal methods.

Withdrawal methodMin./max. depositFeeDuration
BTCNo min/max withdrawalNo fee1-3 minutes
SATSNo min/max withdrawalNo fee1 second
ETHNo min/max withdrawalNo fee6 minutes
XRPNo min/max withdrawalNo fee6-12 minutes

Keep in mind that this is not the definitive list. For an entire overview of all deposit and withdrawal methods, it is best to consult the site. You don’t need a new account BC.Game to check it out, you can do so freely on the site.


Bitcoin is probably the most famous crypto coin in the world. It is the one that started it all and the one which still holds the highest value. Most people use it as one of their BC.GAME payment methods for both their first deposit and withdrawals due to their reliability.


Being that Satoshi is the smallest denomination of Bitcoin, it makes its popularity quite high. You can use it as both deposit or withdrawal methods on this site and bet or play casino games to your liking.


Ethereum was once the second most popular crypto coin on the market, behind Bitcoin. While its value has gone up and down in recent years, its popularity has not dwindled so much. Either way, you can use it on many online gambling sites and betting apps, as well as this one.


When it comes to emerging crypto coins, Ripple is the one which is reaching more and more people. As such, it deserves one of the prime places as one of the BC.GAME payment methods. It is as reliable as any of the coins available on the site, and you can determine if it is goign to be your go-to choice when it comes to payments.

Issues with Payment Methods – What to Do?

There are a few situations that people need to be careful with when it comes to BC.GAME payment methods. Some issues may arise and you need to know how to deal with them. First of all, when making your first deposit or any deposit after it, there are at least three confirmations that you need to make. So be sure to approve all of them so the transaction can go through.

Also, deposits are processed in a matter of minutes. If it takes longer than two hours, it is a red flag and a sign for you to contact the support team for assistance.


For a few more details about BC.GAME payment methods, we have a few answers that might prove to be helpful to you.

Actually, there is no minimum deposit limit as the value of the available cryptocurrencies differs. There might be a bonus deposit limit, which you could check out.

The online casino allows multiple cryptocurrencies to be used, with BTC, SATS, ETH, and XRP being among the most popular ones.

You can fund it by first completing the BC.GAME registration process, then picking one of the available BC.GAME payment methods and then follow the steps as stated on the platform to make your first deposit. The same way applies when adding a bonus deposit.

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